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Announcing ClearMail Personal

Tired of spam, but your organization isn't moving fast enough to solve the problem? Looking for an anti-spam tool that you can install yourself? Well, look no further.

ClearMail is an innovative whitelist-based anti-spam solution that works. ClearMail Enterprise can be installed organization wide by e-mail administrators. ClearMail Personal can be installed by you to solve your spam problem today.

ClearMail Personal uses the same methods as ClearMail Enterprise for blocking spam. Click the ClearMail Enterprise link to learn more about the elegant simplicity of ClearMail's anti-spam solution. There is, in fact, a seamless upgrade path that allows ClearMail Personal users to upgrade to ClearMail Enterprise. The whitelist you built in ClearMail Personal transfers unchanged over to ClearMail Enterprise.

ClearMail Personal is easy to install and easy to use. In less than 30 minutes, without any outside assistance, you should be able to download, install and configure ClearMail in your personal Lotus Notes mail database. Immediately, you will begin to enjoy ClearMail's ability to block nearly 100% of the spam you receive in your Lotus Notes Inbox.

Many organizations are using ClearMail as a second tier solution to block all of the spam that other products let through. So even if your organization has spam-blocking tools in place, you can use ClearMail Personal to filter all the spam these tools miss.

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